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Finest e-Liquids Made In Canada

Your premium Vegetable Glycerin e-Liquid. Silk Cloud e-Liquid is 100% Vegetable Glycerin Based thinned to perfection! With 1% to 5% of pure H2O!

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About Us

Silk Cloud e-Liquid delivers sophisticated e-Liquid blends, designed for vaporists with a refined flavor palette. One whom is able to discern the flavor notes in a variety of sophisticated flavor blends. By blending premium top, middle and base note flavorings our premium blends of e-Liquid bring your palette to life.

These key components are found in every Silk Cloud bottle, and are the foundation of what makes a great flavor experience again and again. Silk Cloud flavors elevate your senses and will conjure up vivid memories transporting you to flavor destinations beyond your wildest imagination.

e-Liquid Flavours

Sour e-Liquids

Silk Cloud creates the perfect blend of sour, fruity flavors. We add the perfect amount of premium food grade flavorings to our 100% VG base e-Liquid and we do not stop there. Ask any chef what makes fruit flavors pop. The answer is a touch of sour. They our delicious sour e-Liquids and enjoy perfection in both flavor and vapor production!

Tobacco e-Liquids

Silk Cloud tobacco e-Liquids are a sophisticated blends of our 100% VG base, thinned to perfection with pure H20. Next we add delicious food-grade flavorings in perfect combination to make unique and delicious e-Liquid creations such as Coconut Black Tea Tobacco and Sweet Black Cherry Tobacco. Sophisticated fresh and delicious tobacco e-liquids blended to perfection!

Custard e-Liquids

Silk Cloud delivers most sophisticated custard e-liquid flavors available. We do not use Acetoin or Diacetyl in any of our delicious custard e-liquid. Try these silky smooth Custard e-Liquids and enjoy fresh and delicious vapor while making huge clouds. This eJuice is amazing.

Silk Cloud Features

Silk Cloud e-Liquid is made with 100% high-quality, Vegetable Glycerin Base and is available for purchase in 15 delicious flavours. With Silk Cloud users can enjoy some of the hugest vapour available from a premium, high VG e-Liquid!

100 % VG Base

Silk Cloud e-Liquid is made up of 100% premium, high-quality VG Base.

Multiple Strengths

Silk Cloud e-Liquid is available in a variety of strengths including 0, 3, and 6mg.

Delicious Flavours

Silk Cloud e-Liquid has delicious and unique flavours that use only the highest food grade flavourings.

Huge Vapour

Silk Cloud e-Liquid produces some of the HUGEST vapour on the market.

Premium Ingredients

Silk Cloud e-Liquid is handmade using only premium ingredients and delicious food grade flavorings to create this highest quality premium e-Liquids available. Silk Cloud is widely considered the best e-Liquid with the hugest vape available.

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