5 e-Liquid Flavours You Just Gotta Try!

There are a whole lot of amazing new flavours available in 2019. We want to show a few new ones that really raise the bar and a couple of classics you may not have come across yet. Each year great new flavours hit the market. Lesser quality eJuices are replaced by ones made with better ingredients. Of course, many mass-produced eJuices are still around because they are cheap to make and affordable to buy. But we want to look at 5 e-Liquid flavours you just gotta try.

MBYC by Sicboy

MBYC by Sicboy is one of the elite e-Liquids to top voting polls in 2019. These guys have only been around for a couple of years but are already winning awards and the respect of the industry. Their mantra is to create the best all day vaping juices possible. And they do. Sicboy Industries is a Denver, Co company that uses only the finest ingredients and produces some of the most unique flavours you will find anywhere. Their MBYC e-Liquid is a dessert flavour unlike any other that I have tried. It is a combination of praline ice cream and vanilla custard. Basically, it’s my two favourite desserts rolled up in one and converted into vapour form. This 60%VG blend comes in a 60 ml bottle for under $25 dollars.

Naturals Spearmint Tobacco eJuice

Naturals Spearmint Tobacco eJuice makes the best flavour list and a few other lists of mine. This was my first favourite flavour and is single-handedly responsible for getting me off the cancer-causing cigarettes. I smoked menthol cigarettes and nothing comes close to that authentic flavour than Naturals. Naturals hold the highest standards in the industry. They only use 100% VG blends in all their flavours. This is one of the few organic eJuice companies that I have come across. I have been enjoying this flavour for years. I always come back to it after a month or so of trying other eJuices and it never lets me down.

Surf Cake by Vape Wild

Vape Wild also has an award-winning flavour powerhouse available called Surf Cake that is topping all the 2019 voting polls. This Dallas based eJuice company’s goal is to dominate both categories, high quality and affordability. And they pull it off better than anyone else. But this list focuses mainly on flavour. And Surf Cake has got the flavour. It’s a wicked blend of wild blueberries and cheesecake that really hits a home run. It even has succulent hints of fresh pie crust. This is not an easy flavour to reproduce in vapour form. But Vape Wild has and it is worth a try if you’re a flavour hunter. And if you’re a tightwad you can get a 30 ml bottle for around $6.99. Oh, and they also let you adjust the VG and PG percentages which are pretty cool.

Sour Watermelon by Silk Cloud

Sour Watermelon by Silk Cloud is another classic. It might not be on voter’s polls for 2019 as it has been around for a while. But it is one of the very best tasting e-Liquids you are ever going to vape. And this list is about the best-tasting flavours you’ve gotta try. And you simply must try Silk Cloud. There isn’t a company out there that comes close to Silk Cloud as far as quality, high standards and taste. Sour Watermelon is the most delicious thing I have ever inhaled. I always have a couple of 130 ml bottles on hand as I enjoy turning my friends on to the best eJuices as much as I do you guys. 100% VG, FDA approved flavourings and nicotine assures you that you’re vaping the best of the best. The first hit will tell you as well.

Blue Voodoo by Mister e-Liquid

Blue Voodoo topped most 2019 lists for best e-Liquid and best taste. The guys and gals at Mister e-Liquid in Michigan have been perfecting Blue Voodoo for about a decade now and it has paid off big time. They have been accepted as members of the American e-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association and winning awards across the board. The flavour is unique and both sweet and tangy. There is a strong hint of blueberry. But it’s the other flavours that make this such a highly sought after e-Liquid. No one can seem to nail it down. It almost seems to change altogether as you continue vaping. Blue Voodoo has won many awards and tops the list in every poll since 2013. The blend is 66% PG to allow for maximum flavour output. A 10 ml bottle is under $6 dollars. You will love it.