Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

Birds of a feather flock together. Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers are basically three oranges from the same three. The differences are minute but make a noticeable change in performance and pleasure when vaping e-Liquids. Most of it has to do with technology and development. For example, the atomizer was the first to be widely used, then came along the cartomizer which basically utilized better and newer technology. And lastly, the clearomizer is the result of evolution and by far the best way to vape.

The three are tanks that when attached to a power source, such as your battery, ignite the juice and thereby vaporize it. The result is that eJuice is turned into vapor that results in fat and highly enjoyable clouds. The better your atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizer perform the better your vaping experience. It makes sense, no? The bigger the better. Just ask your wife. On the hand, you might be better off letting that one go.

The Atomizer

Oh, the atomizer, the sweet, sweet atomizer. I have gone through a few, a few thousand, that is. And that is a good way to introduce the atomizer. Why? Because they weren’t very well built. No onus on the atomizer itself. It’s simply that it was the first of its kind and has since been vastly improved. Like all good inventions, the first model is more of a protege than a refined product that takes time to develop and improve.

The atomizer was the first ever commercially available tank. Typically these were tanks with very little fill capacity and with the heating coil on the bottom. They broke very easily and were a big pain in the ass. In fact, between constant refills, short lifespan and fragility I nearly gave up vaping all together and went back to the deadly butts.

The Cartomizer

Then came the Cartomizer and another life was saved, mine. I really had it with cheap throw away atomizers when I got my first cartomizer. The best description I can come up with is that the cartomizer was an atomizer on steroids The cartomizer in a word, well two words were bigger and better. Bigger was a real game changer for me. The constant opening and closing of the tank, the mess, the hassle and the running out of juice drove me insane. The cartomizer more than doubled my tanks capacity. That meant one fill and I could out for the night and not have to run out of eJuice and go on a bloody genocidal rampage.

But the big difference was the heating element. In cartomizers, the heating coil is wrapped in thick polyfill. This allows for much greater juice retention which results in fatter hits from a wetter wick. And everyone knows wetter is definitely better. This is a great remedy for the absent-minded like myself. I run out of juice with an atomizer and take a dry throat hit, and I feel like I am going to die. With the cartomizer being as saturated as it is the demon throat hit is far less likely, as you feel it coming.

The Clearomizer

And along came the Clearomizer, the latest and greatest technology. The clearomizer is awesome. It’s a big, huge, cylindrical, clear tank made typically of pyrex glass or clear polycarbonate plastic. This, of course, is my favourite feature. I like being able to actually see how much eJuice I have left in my tank so I can plan accordingly. I also very much like the longer wicks made from silica. This means that flavour and vapor are ideally fatter and more satiating. Finally, the clearomizer is top filled. That makes refilling e-Liquid or changing out wicks much more easily done. Fortunately, refills are fewer and further between due to the gigantic tank.

Everything about the clearomizer is better. In fact, it’s as good as it gets. Who knows what they will come with next. But for now, I thoroughly enjoy my clearomizer. Bigger and wetter baby! Most of all, I am grateful that I no longer need an atomizer!