Coiling and Wicking Your Vape for Beginners

Coiling and wicking are essential components in a successful vaping experience. Nothing ruins a good vape more than dry hits or poor vaporization. The key is in the coils and wicks. Setting up your RTA, RDA or RBA is crucial. You need to know what wire gauge and settings are best for your particular build. To understand this let’s break it all down in layman’s terms so that it is easy to understand and get you vaping happily and successfully.

What are Coils?

Most Mods and electronic cigarettes work on the same principals. It’s all about electricity to the atomizer and generating enough heat to vaporize your e-Liquid. The electricity runs through coils and causes the e-Liquid to convert into vapour. The wicking material in the coil generates the vapour and causes the nicotine and eJuice to turn into fat clouds. 

If you’re new to the game then you probably just load pre-built coils as opposed to modified or handmade coils. That requires a bit of research and trial and error. You can find many handy video tutorials on Wicks are generally made of organic cotton and make for great absorption of your e-Liquid. The cotton wick surrounds either two perpendicular or parallel coils. Holes in the head allow the flow of juice to enter and it’s activated by the electric charge. 

These coils are designed to maximize vapour. However, prebuilt atomizers don’t last very long. You will need to change them out every couple of weeks. Once you start to get dry hits or realize less vapour, you will know it’s time for new coils. 

Wicking and Coiling Your Rig

Now that you are familiar with coils and wicks, you need to know what to do. The best thing to do when it comes to coils is to do it yourself. Firstly, you need to know what kinds of coils you should be using. There are 3 basic models that you can choose from. RDAs are rebuildable dripping atomizers. RTAs are rebuildable tank atomizers and RBA’s which are basic base models found in e-Cig kits.

Wicking wires come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Nichrome was one of the first mass-produced wicks which were succeeded by Kanthal. As the technology improved and e-Cigs became able to control temperature newer and more powerful coils became available. For mods that require temperature control, you will want to learn about Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium. 

Kant has are really the industry standard. They come in different gauges and lengths. The standard range or AWG, American Wire Gauge, is between 20 and 38. The one you choose will depend on the resistance you need based on the power of your rig. This may all sound very scientific and it is. However, it’s really not all that complicated. You don’t need to be a genius to pick up your rig. It’s actually rather simple.

It’s Really Not Rocket Science

To get the right resistance you simply wrap the wires around the atomizer. You can use phone apps in order to verify your resistance. This will vary depending on the power and size of your tank. A standard 2mm drill bit requires about 6 wraps to reach 1 Ohm of resistance. Cut 6 inches of wire from your spool. This should wrap around the bit 6 to 8 times. Squeeze the coil to make a tight solid fit. Then burn it with a lighter to prime it. 

Make sure to saturate the cotton. Once your juice is loaded, you will want to trigger the heating element. Press the firing mechanism, multiple times in quick succession. This will thoroughly and evenly burn your wick. Then you take your first big and satisfying drag. Be sure to saturate the wick directly. This means you not only fill your tank with eJuice but you need to apply the juice directly to the wicks. If you don’t prime the wick you will get a terrible dry hit. 

This is a mistake you will not make twice as a dry hit is incredibly unpleasant. Plus, it can burn out your rig. It is always helpful to get as much information as you can before embarking on any new adventure. Your vaping adventures will be far more satisfying the more you know. So, do the research and enjoy yourself. Happy wicking, my friends.