There are some fundamental Differences Between eCigarettes & Vaporizers. Today we will explain what each is, how they function and what makes them different. Basically, they are both devices that turn the product into vapor. However, they’re used for entirely different purposes. Firstly, eCigs are generally used as a smoking cessation device. Or as a recreational manner to inhale vapor without the dangers of tobacco.

Secondly, vaporizers are for cannabis. It’s better. It’s better for your health. The results are better. Vaporizers are generally associated with cannabis usage. So, although both perform a similar function, and many similarities exist, you can see the applications are quite different. What is most analogous is they both create vapor. And both avoid smoke. It makes sense. No one wants cancer. No wants to poison themselves. We just want to enjoy ourselves. And vaping is the answer.

What is an eCigarette?

Speaking of avoiding smoke, may we present you with the electronic cigarette. This The eCig is a smoking cessation device. It helps smokers quit by mimicking cigarette smoking while at the same time eliminating cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Store bought eCigs are small, about the size of an actual cigarette. They are usually disposable and hold only a couple ml’s of juice. Higher quality models now exist and technology has come a long way in a short few years. Powerful batteries, high-tech atomizers with titanium coils and ceramic chambers have upped the eCig game.

Then, of course, there is a whole nerd culture of “Do-it-yourselfers” who build Mods. That means the tweak certain aspects of preexisting eCigs to create homemade super eCigs, for lack of a better term. An eCig has a chamber where you fill up eJuice or e-Liquid. This juice vaporizes by the heating element. The juice itself is a PG and VG blend. These carry flavour. And easily vaporizes for inhalation. Some also add Nicotine. This assists in keeping smokers from giving in to the urge to smoke. Fortunately, nicotine is not cancer causing. Vapers usually ween off the nicotine slowly. Then they are vaping only eJuice. This is by far the most popular and successful manner of quitting the habit.

What is a Vaporizer?

Then there’s the vaporizer. A vaporizer is any device that “vaporizers” substances for inhalation. That is the very short definition. But there’s more. These substances can vary from plants like cannabis and tobacco to other herbs of products. But generally, vaporizers use for cannabis inhalation. And they do a good job. They eliminate the bad. They leave the good. Vape. In fact, I don’t think I have ever come across a person who vaporizes tobacco. After all, that kind of defeats the purpose. People vape for the very reason of making a healthier choice than inhaling the toxins and carbon dioxide associated with smoking. Vaporizers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are tabletop models. They’re used at the home. These are fun. And usually big and powerful machines. Some can actually fill an entire room for parties.

But the most popular styles are portable devices. They’re used on the go. These are generally designed with discretion in mind for obvious reasons. Discretion is key. You don’t want to go to jail. Vape. Marijuana smoking is still illegal in most States. Therefore, public cannabis vaping can be dangerous. Many portable devices are covertly designed. Some look like cans of soda, candy bars or even real cigarettes. A vaporizer burns flower using low heat. The vapor created is pure and devoid of tar, and many other chemicals that you don’t need or want.

Differences Between eCigarettes & Vaporizers

The big difference is the application and power. Generally speaking, eCigs are small and portable. They’re meant for enjoyment and, flavor. They have limited power and are, for the most part, used by people trying to quit smoking. It works. Try it. You will see. There is, however, a cult-like following of kids and adults that like to vape and do not want to smoke cigarettes. Young people are making healthier choices. And that is a good thing, for them, not so much for Big Tobacco. And adults are quitting cigarettes at the highest rate ever.

Pot smokers are also realizing the multiple benefits of vaping and giving up the bongs and paper burning joints. So, for all the differences, the song remains the same. Educated people and technology are advancing and we are all winning. The bottom line is vaping is taking over, and everyone is winning. There are Differences Between eCigarettes & Vaporizers. However, both are better choices. Choose wisely, my friends. Vaping is good. Smoking is bad. We hope this blog helped. Vape. So, be healthy, Enjoy your life. Also, don’t smoke. Vaporizing is good for you.