Flavour Guide For Newbies. Are you new to the wonderful world of vaping? So if you are you will realize there is a cornucopia of flavours to choose from. A variety so extensive it would fill a book longer than War and Peace. Most people that are into vaping electronic cigarettes are former smokers. Although many newbies are trying vaping for the first time, having never smoked.

Flavour Guide For Newbies – Tobacco

Most former smokers choose a tobacco e-Liquid when they make the transition. This, in my opinion, is the easiest way of quitting tobacco. With tobacco e-Liquids, you also get a variety of flavours to choose from which makes vaping much more satisfying. Now you can choose from Cool Canadian Menthol, Smooth Black Cherry Tobacco, Hickory Smoke Tobacco, Butter Rum Tobacco, American Tobacco and Caramel Tobacco etc. The list goes on. There are also cigar flavours such as Cuban cigar. This is very popular with cigar lovers, so is one called Menthol blast which delivers a refreshing twist to the heavy cigar taste. Many of my fellow vaping friends eventually venture forth into the realm of flavoured e-Liquids. To many the discovery of flavoured e-Liquids makes plain tobacco flavour a little boring. But if you want the nostalgia of tobacco, it’s only a vape away.

Flavour Guide For Newbies – Fruity

Lets now go over just some flavoured e-Liquids that a newbie might find interesting to try. Fruit flavours are in abundance with practically every fruit in the world represented. Fruit flavours are very refreshing, Here are some which I think someone new to vaping will enjoy. Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, Black Cherry, Cranberry, Kiwi, Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, Lemon Lime, Mango Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry and Watermelon. Also, some companies offer combinations eg. Mango Banana or Passion Fruit Pineapple. Perfect for sitting in the shade on a hot summers day.

Flavour Guide For Newbies – Breaky Time

Sometimes I crave a bowl of cereal in the afternoon or a late night snack. Now I am blessed to be able to savour cereal and other breakfast delights with vaping. On my way to work, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee and vape my favourite cereal. With yogurt, milk, vanilla, raspberry, cherry, and orange backed with a hint of corn flakes, this is perfect for rising and shining. Or maybe my old favourites Like Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch. Whether it be cereal, bread pudding or waffles there is an instant breakfast to get you to work on time.

Flavour Guide For Newbies – Coffee Break

Anyone for coffee? Juan Valdez would be proud of the outstanding coffee’s available for your vaping pleasure. This is an e-Liquid that is tasty all day long. Some popular ones are Caramel Macchiatto, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Mocha Cappuccino and Espresso. This is pure coffee in your pocket or purse. So easy and satisfying!

Flavour Guide For Newbies- Sweet Tooth

Everyone has a sweet tooth once in a while. No matter what the age try Bubble Gum, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Mint, Ice cream or Gummy Bears?

Ready for some more sweetness? Time for dessert with Cheesecake, Custard, Donuts, Chocolate Cake or Apple pie like Mom used to make. This is just a peek in the door for you vaping newbies. Every day it seems there is a new flavour on the market. Could Liver and Onions or Sardines be in your future? Only time will tell.

Flavour Guide For Newbies – Refreshing Drink

Drink flavours are very refreshing on warm days on the beach or the park. Spark memories of a tropical beach with a Pina Colada, Sweet Fruit Punch or Kiwi Strawberry. The soda fountain is waiting with a Cola Float or a Vanilla Milkshake. Raspberry or Peach Tea will quench your tired taste buds.

Flavour Guide For Newbies –  Experienced?

Recently flavoured THC e-Liquids have come on the scene. Vaping a couple of tokes of Strawberry THC e-Liquid took me 3 stars from Mars. Therefore caution should be taken if vaping THC. If you do choose to use THC e-Liquids make sure you keep them out of the reach of children. This also goes for all vaping paraphernalia. Welcome Newbies to the wide world of vaping. Enjoy!