Problems With Teen Vaping?

There has been a lot of news coverage of late with the rise of teenagers vaping. Are these claims founded? The FDA has used the term “epidemic”. Which is a very serious and harsh way of demonizing vaping. Which adds fuel for the Parents Against Vaping e-cigs ( PAVe). There is a report stating that twice as many teenagers had started vaping in 2018 than the year before. Driving, drug use, drinking and driving, carrying weapons have much more prevalence.

What Are Some Teen Vaping Issues?

This increase in vaping among teenagers is cause for alarm to a certain extent. However only 2.4 percent of high school students vape. This is opposed to much more dangerous behaviour among teens. Texting while driving have a much higher dangerous percentage. There is quite a bit of misinformation out there. Anti vaping zealots have come up crazy myths about vaping to strike fear into the parents.

There is actually a ridiculous term for this “Zombie Vaping”. Which refers to the unreality and falseness of claims made for discouraging vaping. Some of these include the use of formaldehyde, diacetyl, antifreeze and toxic metals. Also that vaping is as harmful and more addictive as cigarettes and is a gateway drug. Rumours abound that nicotine causes cancer or you can develop popcorn lung. Even that second hand vapour is harmful to your health. There have been cases of electronic cigarettes exploding, but these are few and far between.

Vaping is now lumped into the same category as tobacco products. This means in most cases you are not allowed to vape in public areas. Many underage vapers are provided with e-Cigs and supplies by adults. The age of consent to purchase e-Cigs range from 18 -21. You can understand the concern of parents when they discover their child has become addicted to nicotine from using electronic cigarettes.

The Appeals of Vaping

There is also the aspect of packaging that appeals to young vapers. Cartoonish bright labels are geared towards teens fondness for cereal, candies and bug eyed dwarfs. Most e-Liquid companies are getting the hint with producing more adult looking labels. However there are still many companies with enticing candy or drink flavours that appeal to teenagers.

There has been an increase in teenage vaping over the past few years. High risk behaviour over the years among teens has been on the decline over the last twenty years. Education has been the key for this decline. Also the availability and advertising play a huge part in influencing young people. Now as with cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and e-Liquids are out of sight in most convenience stores and supermarkets.

They unfortunately have put vaping into the same category as dangerous tobacco products. The Public Health England (PHE) has determined that only a very small fraction of vapers would switch to tobacco. There is a reason behind this finding. Teenage vapers are vaping flavoured e-Liquids. Cigarettes would taste and smell like crap to them. Also young people today are well aware of the dangers of smoking.

Problem With Teens Vaping

There is the age old problem with teenagers of having things banned from them. Whether it is vaping, alcohol or marijuana teens have a tendency to be rebellious. They see their parents or peers partaking of these substances and want to try them. Teenagers are sneaky as we all know because we were them before in life.

There is no solid proof that vaping is harmful. This however does not negate the fact that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. A recent study has shown that nicotine can have negative effects on brain development up to the age of twenty five. Moreover there is a new trend in vaping with nicotine salts,. This form of e-Liquid has very high concentrates of nicotine and is very addictive. You can certainly understand the concern of parents whose children have become addicted to nicotine.

Restrictions on vaping as a whole has been the result of the increase of teen vaping. Also the marketing to entice new vapers as being cool and hip factors in greatly in teen vaping. Unfortunately the restrictions now encompass all vapers. Being a teen is a very confusing and difficult time in life. Vaping certainly has a place among adults. Electronic cigarettes have proven to be a good way of quitting smoking. Teens should not start an addiction that they could have for the rest of their lives!