Quitting Smoking Using Electronic Cigarettes  

When I was young it seemed like everyone smoked. So it was not surprising that I ended up smoking. All my friends smoked and it was the cool thing to do at the time. The movies and television were full of people smoking. Even some athletes and doctors were seen smoking. Cigarettes were inexpensive and easily available to the youth. Both my parents were heavy smokers. So when I began smoking at home, I was only 13! Sadly both my parents succumbed to cancer from smoking. However, this did not make me quit. Such is the power of nicotine addiction.

Smoking In Decline

These days the decline in cigarette smoking is evident. The reduction of smoking has many factors. Money is one of the main reason people quit. In the United States, one package will cost you $13 and in Canada $18. Unless you are wealthy very few people can afford over one hundred dollars a month, going up in smoke! Health is sadly in second place. Cigarette smoking is now widely frowned upon even in private social situations. Being a former smoker myself I cannot stand being around cigarette smoke. Second-hand smoke has proved to be harmful to non-smokers and even pets. Anti-smoking television and billboard ads have made a huge impact. Nothing helps a person to decide to quit than seeing the debilitating effects of inhaling toxic tobacco smoke.

Quitting Smoking: Quitting Is Difficult

However the actual quitting can prove to be the most difficult task of your life. From my own experience, I can say I tried almost everything. Cold turkey, patch, pills and even hypnosis would initially have some effect but I would eventually relapse. It was not until the invention of the electronic cigarette that I was able to quit the killer plant. The transition was so easy. I started with a 15 mg nicotine with a tobacco flavour. This proved to be a surprisingly realistic smoking sensation. What I really enjoyed was the convenience and non-odour factors. Stinky cigarette smoke was one of the main complaints of my family. When you smoke you are oblivious to how much you really smell.

Quitting Smoking: Life Changing

So now my whole life has changed for the better. My wife and kids are no longer worrying about my health. Also, I saved enough money last year to take the family on vacation. The least I could do for stinking up their world with poisonous cigarette smoke. Moreover, my health has improved immensely in both my body and mind.

Quitting Smoking: Vaping Variety

Vaping has allowed me to shape up yet still have my safe e-Cig which gives me pleasure. When other people see you are vaping they don’t put you in a bad light like cigarettes. In fact, most people (especially smokers) are curious. This is how I came to vaping fruit flavours. Vapers are usually nice people and eager to share their ideas about vaping. With a wide variety of flavoured e-Liquids, you will never be bored in your vaping adventure. Vaping is exciting because of all the options you have. Besides the e-Juice, you have many models of electronic cigarettes to choose from. There are models that range from $20 – $200. As in most cases, you get what you pay for.

Quitting Smoking: Smoke-Free Society

Doing your homework is a good idea before purchasing your products. Everybody has their own tastes, so sometimes its hit or miss. When you make the switch to the e-Cig you also have the opportunity to reduce your nicotine consumption. I eventually went from 15% to 0% nicotine over a period of 2 months. This slow reduction of nicotine was a very easy way of ceasing my addiction. The electronic cigarette and flavorful e-Liquids are helping to pave the way for a smoke-free society.