Summer Vaping – Flavours, Tips and Tricks

Summer is here and the living is easy. And we are here to help make your summer easy and fun with some great Summe Vaping Tips. We have the best summer flavour ideas and a few “do’s and dont’s” you will want to heed at this year’s BBQ and beach parties. We may even throw in a few cool tricks to help you boys loosen up those bikinis and you girls get with those hunks.

Summer is the party season. So, you will probably be vaping more than you usually do at other times during the year. I know that when the grill is fired up and I am throwing back some cold Budweiser Lights, I vape twice as much as I would sitting home watching Netflix. So, what do you need to keep in mind when heading to the beach? Of course, you will need sunscreen and snacks. But you will also need to plan your vaping needs accordingly. And that’s where we come in handy.

Time for a Few Summertime Vaping Tips

There is absolutely no better time to vape than at the beach, a pool party or a BBQ. My favourite time to vape is when I have a frosty beer in my hand. And I don’t go to the beach, a pool party or a BBQ without a cooler full of ice cold beer, and a lot of em. But you’ve got to be careful vaping when the sun is shining.

Electronic cigarettes and eJuices are susceptible to heat and water. It stands to reason that you don’t want to drop your e-Cig into the pool or the ocean. That would be the end of your happy day. You have also got to be careful of the sun. Batteries can overheat if left out in the baking hot direct sun. And eJuices can go bad if cooked out in the sun all day. Both e-Cigs and eJuices should be kept in cool dry places at all times.

Direct sunlight and/or heat (like being left in the car) can cause eJuices to break down, lose flavour and deteriorate the nicotine. But more than just losing flavour, you can mess up your e-Cig. The juice can become thick and clog you atomizer and ultimately render your rig useless. And if you have an expensive battery, you may have noticed in the operator’s manual that excessive heat can be dangerous. Once a battery exceeds 100 degrees the cells become damaged. This means they can no longer hold a charge. In other words, your battery just became a bookend or coaster for that beer.

So remember these few tips and enjoy the summer. Keep your stuff inside when you can. Use a cooler when you’re outside. Be organized and prepare properly. Make sure you have enough juice and a power source or extra batteries. Rain is just as dangerous as heat. So prepare for the elements. The sand can be your enemy as well. Put your toes in the sand, not your e-Cig. Basically, use common sense.

Let’s Look at Few Great Summer Flavours

This is easy. Summer is the best time for fun flavours and refreshing e-Liquids. I love the beach or island themed flavours. Pick up some Pina Colada, Mango or Pineapple. I love Silk Clouds Sour Watermelon. Exotic e-Liquids also has a huge array of Caribbean and summertime flavours guaranteed to get the party started.

Flavours are really a fun way to mix it up and keep things fresh. When it’s really hot outside, I enjoy fruit and drink eJuices. It may only be psychological, but I do feel refreshed when I hit a nice Mint Tea eJuice or a good Blueberry flavoured eJuice.

And How About a Few Cool Tricks

It is summer time. So, every day is a party. Why not incorporate vaping into the fun. Vaping with friends is great. Make up some competitions. Take group pictures with fat clouds. Have a smoke ring contest. I like to have a hot chick blow a ring then I blow one into hers. That is sexy and fun!

Combine food dishes with vaping flavours. I like to choose a theme like Cinco de Mayo. I then make tacos and chips and salsa. When I serve the food I put out spicy eJuice flavours. It’s fun and your guest will really enjoy it. The possibilities are endless. But the summer isn’t. So, get out there today. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!