The Benefits of Vaping and Working Out

Vaping is not only one of the newest health fads it is also saving lives. Smokers tend not to be able to work out due to their poor state of health. Smoking tobacco restricts oxygen flow to the body and makes it difficult for the smoker to exert sustained exercise. Those of us who have switched to vaping does not suffer this limiting ailment.

Of course, we are not going to make outrageous claims that vaping is good for your health. Putting anything inside your lungs other than oxygen is not a good health choice. However, when it comes to choosing between smoking and vaping it is day and night. Smoking will kill you and you won’t be exercising. Vaping will not kill you and you can exercise. It’s as simple as that.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking

The positive effects on the human body when you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes are almost instantaneous. You will feel better than you have felt in years in a couple of days. And you will be able to breathe again. Your taste buds will come back to life and your self-esteem will even boost. Your lungs have an incredible capacity to heal.

When you stop smoking you stop putting 100’s of deadly chemicals into your system all at once. So, the healing is fast and it is real. In the first 8 hours alone all the toxic carbon monoxide leaves your body. In about 3 months your lungs will have the ability to cleanse themselves and lung function will improve dramatically. In a year your risk of stroke and heart disease will be cut in half.

The Extra Benefits of Quitting Smoking

We have looked at a few of the proven scientific benefits of quitting smoking. Now let’s look at some equally important benefits that accompany your new lifestyle. And that is what it is, your new lifestyle. You will no longer want to loaf around on the couch as your energy level will be through the roof. You will want to get up, get out and do things. This leads to you feeling better about yourself, eating less, losing weight and wanting to exercise.  Vaping will set you free.

You can vape all night long and in the morning when it’s time to hit the gym you will feel like a million bucks. My favourite personal benefit is the new and improved me in the bedroom. This is my favourite type of exercise. This exercise routine had become boring and quite unsatisfying for my wife, not anymore. I know have the power to ride her like a bucking bronco for hours. She has never been happier.  I love the benefits of vaping and working out.

Vaping Nicotine and Working Out

It’s a good idea to use some nicotine when you start vaping to keep you off the tobacco cigarettes. You are addicted to nicotine. It’s the only chemical proven to addictive in cigarettes. The greatest news is that nicotine does not appear to be all that harmful. And best of all, it has been proven to not cause cancer.

So, put enough mg’s of nicotine in your e-Liquid as you need to quell the cravings. As time goes by lower the dosage until you no longer need any. One tip for working out is waiting a while after your workout to spark up your electronic cigarette. Nicotine restricts the veins and therefore, oxygen flow. It’s best to wait a bit. I have a hard time waiting after sex. But hey, no one’s perfect. At least we are making better health choices. So, stop smoking, keep vaping and get working out. Oh and have a happier life my vaping friends!