The Dangers of Diacetyl and Acetoin. Lately, there has been much debate on the safety of vaping. The main points of concern are Diacetyl and Acetoin. Companies use both ingredients for buttery and creamy textures in food products. These are flavoured chemicals are cause for concern when choosing an e-Liquid. The term “popcorn lung” (bronchial obliterans) is a form of bronchitis.

This came about from factory workers that produced artificial butter flavouring for popcorn. They found that by inhaling the fumes in the process of manufacturing produced Popcorn lung because of the chemical Diacetyl and Acetoin. Popcorn lung is an irreversible condition. Even people who use a lot of microwave popcorn can suffer the effects of produced fumes. If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis you can be more susceptible to this affliction.

The symptoms of popcorn lung are shortness of breath and coughing. Of course, consumption of Diacetyl was much higher in the factory workers than people who vape. So there are still popular vaping products that still utilize this chemical when blending their e-liquids. However, the safety limits set by OSHA for acceptable trace elements of Diacetyl and Acetoin are not always kept in compliance.

The Dangers of Diacetyl and Acetoin

Some e-Liquid exceed the trace element standards. Cigarettes also contain this chemical but in much higher quantities. Different cigarette companies vary in the amount of various toxic additives including Diacetyl. Researchers found Diacetyl to be unhealthy in e-Liquids so they switched to Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin. This resulted in the formation of Diacetyl. That sure must have been a surprise to the chemists?

This additive is unnecessary for the betterment of quality. More than 72% of e-Liquids tested contained trace elements of Diectyl. This fact is very important when choosing a high-quality e-Liquid. Always best to do research into what you are inhaling into your system. For example, Naturals and Silk Cloud e-Liquids offers 100% Diacetyl free products. One of the most important aspects of vaping is finding an e-Liquid that meets all your demands. But most important is your precious health! Reputable companies like the above mentioned meet their own stringent standards to ensure a good and healthy vape. 

Silk Cloud and Naturals are both 100% VG (vegetable glycerin}. They need nothing more to produce a quality vape with delicious flavours and big clouds of joy. The reason other companies include inferior ingredients could be they’re imported from other countries. On a last note, it’s not uncommon to find additives that the company did not list.

Premium eJuice and eJuice Longevity

Lower prices might come into play when companies choose to put their name on these e-liquids. There is simply no way that we can subject every imported product to a battery of tests. Companies could infuse components such as Diacetyl and Acetoin without consumer knowledge. In this day in age where it is hard to find natural products, you must do your due diligence when choosing the most healthy alternative.

All the e-Liquids my friends and I vape are 100% VG. I have owned several different brands of electronic cigarettes and have never found a problem with vaping 100% VG. The flavours are very authentic and long-lasting. I suggest keeping your e-Liquids in the fridge for longevity.

Note the fact that the addition of Diacetyl and Acetoin does not extend the shelf life of an e-Liquid. Why on earth put anything into your body that is not a natural ingredient. I know this is not easy these days, but more and more people are becoming more health conscious. Vaping an electronic cigarette has already saved thousands of lives. Chemicals like Diacetyl were pale in comparison to the thousands of harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke.

So if you have recently switched to vaping from smoking, go for the purest liquids you can find. With 100% VG, you not only get a good throat hit but not a sore throat. This always makes vaping a more pleasurable experience.