The many benefits of vaping, because there are many! For those who are on the fence on whether they should vape or not, the following are just some of the many benefits of vaping. And perhaps, in the end, you’ll have swung both legs over the fence, ready to start your vaping journey! Likewise, you may already be an avid vaper. But want some ammo to throw at those neigh-sayers who still think vaping is bad for you!

The Many Benefits Of Vaping


The first and foremost most important benefit for vaping is obviously the fact that vaping is the healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. In a cigarette, before the things even lit. There are over 600 ingredients in a cigarette. Once burned, these ingredients multiply into over 7000 different toxins. 69 of which are cancer-causing. With an additional 250 poisonous gasses packed in there as well. The following chemicals are ingested when smoking a cigarette – formaldehyde, benzene, arsenic, and lead. As well as ammonia, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen cyanide.


The next benefit is the obvious savings that can be acquired from vaping! Cigarettes are extremely pricey, and there’s no black Friday discount on a pack of cigarettes! Ha! For example, when I first started smoking cigarettes back in 2005. Cigarettes cost me $11, whereas when I purchase a pack now, that same pack costs me a whopping $18.

Now initially, moving from cigarettes to vaping can be pricey. But that is only if you’re purchasing high-end, top of the line hardware. And generally speaking, a newbie vaper shouldn’t throw a handful of money at an expensive set-up, to begin with. Start it simple, because in all honesty. You will probably break the first one, burn some coils, accidentally fudge it up somehow because hey. You’re just learning! But after all, is said and done, purchasing coils and eJuice once a month, instead of a pack of smokes every other day’s cheaper for sure!


Additionally, another fabulous benefit that should be noted is the variety that vaping offers to consumers. Variety in a wide variety of areas including a vast selection in flavour choices, hardware options, and strengths of nicotine that are available for purchase. The flavour selection in all seriousness is one of the very appealing aspects of vaping. Vaping some mouth-watering banana cream pie at 7 am? Yes, please! Or riding the tropical fruit wave to flavour town while sitting in traffic…sublime.

Hardware is something that takes time and experience to figure out what you like and prefer. Some prefer complicated mods, where building is necessary. While others prefer single-use vape pens – where convenience is obviously preferred. And of course the inbetweeners, those that like the convenience of a cartomizer, with a high powered battery. Another aspect of variety in vaping is the option to choose the strength of nicotine within the purchased bottle of e-Liquid. Customers may choose a strength between 0mg (zero-nicotine), and 24mg (very-high).

Environmentally Friendlier

The last of the many benefits of vaping I’d like to share is the whole environmentally friendlier aspect. Now one could challenge, “what do you mean environmentally friendlier aspect?” Well for starters, what is one of the big issues non-cigarette smokers have with cigarette smokers? It’s the garbage that they produce, that they just toss onto the ground and proceed to squish the tossed butt with their shoe and simply turn and walk away. Oblivious to the fact that they just openly littered, and are treating our world like their giant ash-tray.

Oh and going along with the whole tossing butts. Nothing is more upsetting than going to a beautiful beach, with white gorgeous sand…and seeing butts all over that gorgeous beach. The world is not an ashtray, so yes, the environmentally friendlier aspect is one benefit that I appreciate so much. I should point out the fact that I’m an ex-smoker, who used to treat the world like my ashtray, and I now regret it. So each time I go somewhere and see butts or even garbage on the ground, I pick it up because a little bit helps!