Travelling With Electronic Cigarettes – Doing It Right

If you’re on the long strange journey, like the rest of us, you probably like to get out and travel and find adventures. It looks as though you probably vape, like the rest of us as well, given the fact that you’re looking for tips that include travelling and vaping. You want to do it right and that means having what you need and knowing the hurdles you may have to jump. It is always best to be informed before setting out on the road.

Electronic Cigarettes

Travelling with electronic cigarettes can be cumbersome and even problematic. If you’re using an airport, for example, there strict laws and prohibitions that you need to be aware of, or you risk losing your property and even being in legal trouble. So, the first real rule of travelling with electronic cigarettes is,” Know the rules.” Well-seasoned travellers plan accordingly. Vaping while travelling requires planning.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Your itinerary should include not only each destination, but also layovers and drive-thrus, and local laws and regulations concerning vaping. Local government agencies all have websites with information. But aside from local laws where you’re at, you need to know about the transportation aspect because that is where you’re most likely to have issues.

There are strict regulations at airports concerning electronic cigarettes, batteries and eJuice. It is a good idea to visit the TSA website and learn about what you can carry. Small amounts of eJuice can be transported in carry-on luggage and other items may have to be check-in suitcases. The TSA does allow for up to 100 ml of eJuice. You can also bring e-cigs, mods and batteries. But they must be in your carry-on baggage or on your person. Anything else must be checked in.

The Long Weekend

Day trips and long weekends should be planned accordingly as well. Of course, you likely won’t have to deal with law enforcement. But you want to travel safely and make sure you optimize your vaping needs. This means having what you need. Basically, you want to be sure that you have enough juice and power. You never know where you might end up or what your power options may or may not be. So, bring at least one extra battery, a couple of extra atomizers and enough juice to get you through a few days without issue.  

Discretion is Always Best

Road trips, overnighters or just a long ride all require planning. Aside from making sure you have what you need to vape successfully when away from home, you need to consider where you will and will not be able to enjoy your electronic cigarette. The general rule of thumb is that vaping will be frowned upon where smoking is not allowed.

Should you find yourself in an intolerant atmosphere it’s always best to use discretion. I choose never to ask for permission. I much prefer trying and either getting caught or getting away with it. If you ask and they say no, you will not be able to use your electronic cigarettes. I find that a little discretion goes a long way. You can always find a quiet corner or a bathroom. Bathrooms are great. You can puff away and wait a minute. Vapour dissipates so quickly that a minute is really all you need to clear the air, so to speak.

The Road Less Travelled

Travelling with electronic cigarettes is really not all that problematic. Good planning is always the key to any vacation or road trip. The more you know the less stress you are likely to encounter. It’s really like anything else in life. Like the Boy Scout motto states, “Be prepared.” And remember this, by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. It is as simple as that. Happy trails my travelling friends.