What Are Nicotine Salts?

What are nicotine salts? Nicotine salts are quite new to the vaping scene. Are you are deciding to try these products? The most important thing to consider is that the electronic cigarette for this product is of low voltage. Vaping nic-salts is very smooth. If you were to vape a regular 30% e-Liquid the throat hit would be too harsh to handle. With nic-salts however, the throat hit would be good with the high level of nicotine. When vaping Nicotine Salts, vapers shouldn’t choose high wattage and sub-ohm devices due to the high concentration and instant absorption rate. This could lead to a nicotine overdose!

Freebase Nicotine

Freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine which is the easiest to facilitate nicotine into the bloodstream when heated. Since the early 1960s, freebase has been around with the major tobacco companies. They used this new method to change PH levels which gave tobacco products an increase in nicotine and throat hit. This increased the popularity of smoking but also made cigarettes or pipe tobacco more addictive.

Freebase Chemistry

The chemical molecular structure is similar to that of salt. As a base, there is a positive charge in the acid and a negative charge in the base. The large tobacco companies found that by removing the positive charge from the nicotine improved absorption through the membranes in our lungs and brains. This method increased the potency of the nicotine.

Vaping Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salt is a natural component found in tobacco leaves. Users most use higher temperatures to vaporize nicotine salt ions. e-Liquid companies have found that by adding Benzoic Acid helps to vaporize the nicotine salts at a lower temperature. Users can now vape up to 50 mg of nicotine with a smooth yet noticeable throat hit. Cigarette companies add ammonia to create a “freebase” product which absorbs high nicotine into your system. In the vaping world freebasing e-Liquid creates a powerful yet harsher effect. This is due to the PH level changed by the alkalinity as you increase your nicotine levels. However, nicotine salts have lower alkalinity because of the benzoic acid which results in a smoother overall throat hit.

Lower Wattage

It is of the utmost importance as I have mentioned before to use a low wattage electronic cigarette when vaping nicotine salts. There is the possibility of nicotine poisoning if too much nicotine is ingested. Most of these low wattage e-Cig devices are compact with a user-friendly autofire system. This means you only get vapour when inhaled. Small vape pens or pod systems are recommended for an optimum experience.


Although controversial, some people say that the high nicotine in the salts help to quit smoking because you need more nicotine in your e-Cig. If you are a heavy two packages a day smoker, nicotine salts can help. The high nicotine level can help cessation without nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Later on, the vaper can then begin to lessen the amount of nicotine. The goal of any vaper should be a reduction of nicotine strengths to 0% and become addiction free.

Goodbye Tobacco

With that being said, quitting harmful cigarettes is a major step in the right direction. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. Many people that have tried quitting by vaping, but have relapsed back to tobacco. Regular e-Liquids cannot satiate their addiction. So, nicotine salts could be their saving grace with the high nicotine levels. Also, the instant nicotine gratification. But please note, the consumer should always use caution. And, on a final note, keep nicotine salts out of the reach of children!