What’s in eJuice? Now that is a very good question. With all the hype about electronic cigarettes and eJuice lately, especially the talk about inferior e-Liquids. It is important to know just what’s in an e-Liquid before attempting to school someone who’s talking out of their butt. So that leads us to the question; What’s in an e-Liquid?

What’s in eJuice? – Propylene Glycol

The first ingredient in eJuice is Propylene Glycol, a flavour carrier. e-Liquid companies use Propylene Glycol to distribute the Nicotine and the Flavourings within the eJuice. What is important to realize when choosing an eJuice brand is whether or not the company uses premium, high quality and most importantly – North American sourced ingredients. This check ensures a premium eJuice! Propylene Glycol provides the user with a similar throat hit to that of actual cigarettes. Hence why so many electronic cigarette users lean towards a high PG level rather than a higher VG level. Some users report a reaction to PG, these users should lean towards higher VG levels.

Vegetable Glycerin

The second ingredient in eJuice is Vegetable Glycerin. e-Liquid companies use Vegetable Glycerin to distribute the Nicotine and flavourings through-out the eJuice similar to Propylene Glycol. Vegetable Glycerin is a much thicker and sweeter additive than Propylene Glycol. Vegetable Glycerin is also used as a sweetener in sugar replacements. Another key point about Vegetable Glycerin is the fact that Vegetable Glycerin has seen less allergic reactions than that of Propylene Glycol, hence why many users prefer the higher levels of VG. Vegetable Glycerin produces a far smoother throat hit, and also produces a fatter, thicker cloud.

Natural and Artificial Flavourings

The third ingredient blended into eJuice are Natural and Artificial Flavourings. e-Liquid companies use Natural and Artificial Flavourings to create the desired flavour within the eJuice. Before choosing an eJuice, ensure that the company again uses premium, North American sourced flavourings. Also worth checking, is if the company uses Natural and Artificial Flavourings which are FDA approved.


Last, eJuice experts blend in the chosen Nicotine strength. Each eJuice brand will have an array of Nicotine strengths to choose from. These strengths may vary depending on the user’s needs. For example, heavy ex-smokers may choose a high nicotine strength, somewhere between the 18mg-24mg would suffice. Whereas other users may find the nicotine to be quite strong as they’re not ex-smokers, but rather enjoy the sensation of vaping. These users would do well with 0mg strengths, perhaps maybe even a 3mg would be ideal. Lastly, Nicotine strengths generally are available in any of the following strengths: 0, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 20 and 24mg’s.

So there you have it! Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural/Artificial Flavourings, and Nicotine are exactly what’s in eJuice.